What Is 12.4 28 Tractor Tire?

12.4 28 tractor tire, also known as 12.4 28 tractor tyre, is specially designed and engineered tractor tire for agricultural tractors. As the reliable OTR tire manufacturer and supplier, Forlander tire offers custom tractor tires in various size at best factory price. In this article, let us explore the definition, advantages and applications of 12.4 28 tractor tire. We hope it will help you to find right tractor tire for your specific tractors.

1.What Is 12.4 28 Tractor Tire?

A 12.4-28 tractor tire is a specific size tire designed for agricultural or industrial tractors. The numbers “12.4-28” correspond to the tire’s dimensions, indicating the section width and rim diameter. The tire has a diameter of 12.4 inches and a width of 28 inches.


Constructed from rubber, the 12.4-28 tractor tire features a tread pattern that helps prevent slipping and provides traction while the tractor is in motion. The specific tread pattern may vary depending on the tire model and manufacturer, with options available for different farming conditions and terrains. Common tread patterns include R1 (agricultural or bar lug tread), R1W (for wet and heavy clay soils), and R4 (for industrial or mixed-use applications).


The load capacity of the 12.4-28 tractor tire depends on its construction type (bias or radial) and the load rating specified by the manufacturer. The load rating determines the maximum weight the tire can safely carry at a given inflation pressure. Selecting tires with an appropriate load capacity is crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the tractor.


Forlander 12.4-28 tractor tire can meet the specific needs of the agricultural tractor application, terrain conditions, and manufacturer recommendations. Our 12.4-28 tractor tyre is engineered for optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and safety in agricultural and industrial operations.

FORLANDER KT69 12.4 28 tractor tire
FORLANDER KT56 12.4 28 tractor tire

2.What Are Advantages of 12 4 28 tractor tire?

The 12.4-28 tractor tire offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for agricultural applications:


2.1 R-1W Lug Depth

  1. The tire features a lug depth designed for flexibility in various soil conditions. It utilizes dual-angle technology, increasing the contact area between the tire and the ground. This enhanced contact improves traction, allowing the tire to perform well in different types of soil.


2.2 Reduced Wear

The R-1W skid depth of the tire contributes to improved wearable volume. Additionally, the curved bar design optimizes wear, ensuring more even distribution and reducing the likelihood of irregular wear. The steeper bar taper also helps resist wear patterns that can occur with prolonged use.


2.3 Enhanced Traction and Flotation

With its wider 12.4-inch section width, this tire offers a larger footprint compared to narrower alternatives. This larger contact area translates to superior traction, particularly in loose or soft soil conditions such as mud or sand. Additionally, the increased surface area helps distribute the weight of the tractor more evenly, reducing soil compaction and improving flotation.


2.4 Versatility

The 12.4-28 tractor tire is suitable for both water and land applications, providing versatility for a range of farming operations. Whether it’s working on fields, orchards, or other agricultural settings, this tire can adapt to different environments, making it a reliable choice for farmers with diverse needs.

3. How To Make Quality 12.4 28 Tractor Tire?

At Forlander, we are dedicated in on demand manufacturing high-quality OTR tires including 12.4-28 tractor tire. The manufacturing process involves a series of crucial steps and considerations to guarantee durability, performance, and safety. Here is an overview of how manufacturers typically create top-notch tractor tires:

3.1 Material Selection

Choosing premium rubber compounds for quality tractor tire is essential. These compounds should possess the right balance of durability, elasticity, and resistance to wear, cuts, and punctures.

3.2 Tire Reinforcement

Strengthening the tractor tire’s structure is crucial. This can be achieved by incorporating robust steel belts or other reinforcing materials to enhance strength and puncture resistance.

3.3 Optimum Tread Design

Developing an aggressive tread pattern is vital for excellent traction in various soil conditions, including mud and loose terrain. The tread design for 12.4-28 tractor tire should optimize grip and self-cleaning capabilities.

3.4 Mold Making

Precise molds are created for shaping the 12.4-28 tractor tire and achieving consistent tread patterns. Attention to detail during mold making ensures uniformity in the final product.

3.5 Curing Process

A controlled curing process is employed, subjecting the tire to specific temperature and pressure conditions. This vulcanization process ensures the rubber attains the desired properties, such as resilience, strength, and heat resistance.


3.6 Load Rating

Tractor tires including 12.4-28 tractor tire must meet specific load-bearing standards to accommodate the heavy loads commonly encountered in agricultural work. Ensuring the tractor tire’s load rating is appropriate for the intended applications is crucial.

3.7 Size Accuracy

 Precise sizing and uniformity in tractor tire dimensions are maintained to ensure a proper fit with the tractor rim size. Accurate sizing for 12.4-28 tractor tire is essential for optimal performance and safety.

3.8 Performance Testing

Thorough performance testing is conducted, including assessments of traction, durability, and puncture resistance. These tests verify that the 12.4-28 tractor tire meets industry standards and performs reliably under demanding agricultural conditions.

3.9 Quality Control

Rigorous quality control measures are implemented for all tractor tires at every stage of production. These measures help identify and rectify any defects, ensuring the final product meets stringent quality standards.

Forlander can produce high-quality 12.4-28 tractor tires that not only meet industry standards but also offer reliability and efficiency for agricultural use by focusing on these key areas.

4. What Is 12.4 x28 tractor tire Used For?

The 12.4-28 tractor tire is specifically designed for critical agricultural and industrial applications that prioritize durability, load-bearing capacity, and traction. Its main uses include:


4.1 Agricultural Tractors

These tractor tires are essential for tractors engaged in diverse farming tasks like plowing, planting, and harvesting.


4.2 Heavy Hauling

12.4-28 tractor tire is engineered with strong construction and high load capacity, they are well-suited for transporting heavy agricultural equipment or goods.


4.3 Rough Terrain

The 12.4-28 tractor tire’s aggressive tread pattern ensures excellent traction on uneven, muddy, or slippery surfaces frequently encountered in farming environments.


4.4 Construction and Earthmoving

There are instances where these tires can be utilized on construction sites or for earthmoving operations, where a tractor is employed to grade or move significant amounts of soil.


4.5 Compact Tractors

12.4-28 tractor tire is commonly fitted on versatile utility and compact tractors used for various tasks on farms or small construction projects.


The 12.4-28 tractor tire is specifically designed for agricultural and industrial tractors, with “12.4-28” denoting its dimensions of section width and rim diameter. This tire has a diameter of 12.4 inches and a width of 28 inches.


Featuring an R-1W lug depth, the 12.4-28 tractor tire offers flexibility and reduced wear. Its wider section width enhances traction and flotation, making it well-suited for various farming applications. The tire’s versatility allows it to excel in different tasks within the agricultural sector, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and efficiency.


At Forlander, we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality OTR tires, including the 12.4-28 tractor tire, on-demand. Our meticulous manufacturing process prioritizes durability, performance, and safety.


With its reliable performance in demanding conditions, the 12.4-28 tractor tire is a versatile and preferred choice for a wide range of heavy-duty applications in agriculture and related industries.


The 12.4-28 tractor tire is engineered to deliver reliable performance in demanding conditions, making it a versatile and preferred choice for a wide range of heavy-duty applications in agriculture and related industries.

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