Wholesale KT632 Dump Truck Tire

Wholesale Best KT632 Dump Truck Tire

  • Strong strip, excellent anti-wear performance
  • Non-directional rock tread pattern for excellent traction
  • Widebase size offers wide cross section and tread
  • OEM/ODM are available
  • Competitive Factory Price

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 KT632 dump truck tire is specially engineered mining tyres for demanding mining operations. Forlander Tire is the leading OTR tire manufacturer and supplier with 40+ years of industrial experiences, we wholesale best dump truck tires with complete tire size and specifications at competitive factory price.  Forlander heavy duty KT632 dump truck tires for sale offers exceptional anti-wear performance, durability, and reliability in the toughest mining environments. 

1. What Is Dump Truck Tire?

Dump truck tires are specifically designed to handle the heavy loads and tough working conditions associated with dump trucks. Dunp truck steer  tires are characterized by their robust construction, high load-carrying capacity, and durability. They are engineered to conquer the toughest terrains and working conditions, minimizing downtime and maintenance expenses.

Forlander is a leading manufacturer and supplier of OTR (Off-the-Road) tires, including dump truck tires or dump truck steer tires. They offer custom dump truck tires with a complete range of sizes and specifications, ensuring the perfect fit for different types of dump trucks. Forlander’s dump truck tires are engineered to deliver high traction off-road and are resistant to cuts, punctures, wear, and heat. This ensures optimal performance and longevity in demanding environments.

Dump truck steer tires are designed to provide durability and reliability, with features like deep treads that enhance traction on various surfaces. They are resistant to cuts, punctures, and impacts from rough terrains and debris, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging conditions.

These tires are crucial for the safe and efficient transportation of materials in construction, mining, and other heavy-duty industries. They provide the necessary stability, load-carrying capacity, and traction to handle the weight and demands of dump truck operations.

Forlander dump truck tires are specialized tires designed to withstand heavy loads and tough working conditions. Forlander offers high-quality custom dump truck tires that are engineered for durability, traction, and resistance to cuts and impacts. With their expertise in OTR tires, Forlander ensures that their dump truck tires meet the specific requirements of different dump truck models and deliver optimal performance in demanding environments.

2. Technical Data of KT632 Dump Truck Tire

Tire SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)RimInflation pressure(kpa)Load Capacity(kg)

3. Features of KT632 Dump Truck Tire

3.1 Strong strip offers excellent anti-wear performance

This Double Coin & Forlander KT632 heavy duty mining dump truck tire price has strong strip, excellent anti-wear performance, non-directional tread pattern, extra tough tread compound, and widebase sizes. It guarantees superior traction, durability, and reliability in the harshest mining environments.

3.2 Robust Construxtion of T63 2 Best Dump Truck Tire

The heavy duty KT632 best dump truck tire has a robust construction with a strong strip that enhances its durability and resistance to wear. This off the road tire is specifically engineered to withstand the heavy loads and harsh conditions encountered in mining operations, ensuring extended tire life and reducing maintenance costs.

3.3 Widebase size offers wide cross section and tread

The heavy duty dump truck tyre features a non-directional tread pattern, which provides excellent traction on various surfaces. It excels on loose gravel, rocks, and challenging terrains commonly found in mining sites, ensuring optimal grip and maneuverability for heavy dump trucks.
The Frolander heavy duty dump truck tyre is equipped with an extra tough tread compound that offers exceptional cut and impact protection. It is designed to withstand the sharp edges of rocks, debris, and other hazards encountered in mining environments, minimizing the risk of tire damage and increasing overall safety.

3.4 Custom Tire Size and Other Specifications

The heavy duty KT632 dump truck tyre is available in widebase sizes, offering a wider cross section and tread. This design provides enhanced stability and load-bearing capacity, allowing for efficient transportation of heavy loads in mining operations.

KT632 custom dump truck trres suitable for mines, construction sites, and material yards. It is engineered to perform well on poor road surfaces and mining road surfaces, ensuring reliable traction and durability even in challenging conditions. Forland wholesale indutrial mining truck tire with complete size and specfications at competitive factory price.

4. What Size Tires Are Dump Truck Use?

Dump trucks utilize different tire sizes based on their size and capacity. Smaller models typically employ tire sizes from 13 to 24 inches, while medium-sized trucks opt for 24 to 33 inches. Larger dump trucks, especially those for mining and heavy construction, may exceed 33 inches in diameter. Forlander provides custom dump truck tire size including 13.00×24, 14.00×24, 14.00×25, 16.00×25, 12.00R20, and 12.00R24, and more, offering cost-effective options. 

The size of dump tires used on dump trucks can vary depending on the size and capacity of the dump truck. Dump trucks come in various sizes, from smaller models used in construction sites to large mining trucks. Diffrent dump truck tire size has different cost or price. These tire sizes fit the specific requirements of various dump truck applications. Factors like load capacity, terrain conditions, and truck specifications need consideration when selecting the appropriate tire size. Proper maintenance and inspections are vital to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

These sizes are available in both radial and bias construction, designated by TRA codes E3 and E4. These dump truck tires are suitable for various brands of off-highway dump trucks such as LGMG, Tongly, Sinotruk, and more. Additionally, the 12.00R20 and 12.00R24 tires are specifically designed for tippers, providing the necessary performance and durability for this type of dump truck. The range of tire sizes ensures that dump truck owners can find the appropriate tires to match their specific vehicle requirements and operating conditions. Forlander offers custom dump truck tire size and other specifications like dump truck tires 11r22 5. you can search for dump truck tires near me to find tire dealers.

5. What Is The Most Common Tire Do Dump Trucks Use?

The most common tire used for dump trucks varies depending on factors such as the specific application, terrain, and preferences of operators. While the Forlander KT632 dump truck tire with sizes of 13.00-25, 14.00-24, 14.00-25, and 16.00-25 is known for its productivity and robustness, it’s important to note that there are several other tire options available in the market. 
These options cater to different requirements and may include tires from various manufacturers with their own unique features and specifications. It’s recommended to consult with tire manufacturers, suppliers, or industry experts to determine the most suitable tire for your dump truck based on your specific needs and prevailing market trends.
The Forlander KT100S L-5S underground mining tyres are specifically engineered to provide reliability, durability, and consistent handling for heavy machinery operating in challenging underground mine conditions.

6. What Is The Best Steer Tire for A Heavy Dump Truck?

Steer tires are the most important tires on your dump truck, they are those mounted on the front axle of dump truk and are responsible for steering the vehicle.  Forlander KT632 steer tire is a reliable choice for a heavy dump truck due to its excellent traction, anti-wear properties, durability, and longevity.

The Forlander KT632 steer tire is specifically designed to provide excellent traction, ensuring optimal control and maneuverability of the dump truck. Its tread pattern is tailored to deliver superior grip on different road surfaces and in various weather conditions.

This KT632 dump truck steer tire is known for its anti-wear properties. It is built to withstand the heavy loads and abrasive conditions typically encountered in dump truck applications, reducing the risk of premature wear and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Durability is a crucial aspect for steer tires, as they are subjected to constant steering and extreme forces. The Forlander KT632 is engineered with robust materials and construction, enabling it to handle the heavy demands of a dump truck and resist damage.

Forlander KT632 steer tire offers longevity, meaning it can provide extended service life when properly maintained. This is essential for dump truck operators, as it reduces downtime and the need for frequent tire replacements.

7. What Is The Life Expectancy of Dump Truck Tires?

The life expectancy of dump truck tires can vary depending on several factors. On average, dump truck tires have a verified service life of approximately 60,000 miles. This number is influenced by various factors such as surface conditions, Driver behavior, load capacity, maintenance practices, and more. 

One significant factor is the surface conditions where the dump truck operates. Rough or abrasive terrains can accelerate tire wear, reducing their lifespan. Additionally, extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures or heavy rain, can also impact tire performance and longevity.

Driver behavior and operating practices also play a role in tire life expectancy. Proper tire maintenance, including regular inspections, correct tire pressure, and rotation, can help maximize the lifespan of dump truck tires. Safe driving practices, such as avoiding sudden stops or aggressive acceleration, can also contribute to prolonging tire life.

The load capacity and weight distribution of the dump truck can affect tire wear. Overloading the truck or uneven weight distribution can put excessive strain on the tires, leading to premature wear.

It’s essential to consider these factors and monitor tire condition regularly. If signs of excessive wear, damage, or tread depth below the recommended limit are observed, it is advisable to replace the tires promptly to maintain safety and performance.

8. Applications of KT632 Dump Truck Tire 

Forlander KT632 dump truck tires for sale, designed for heavy-duty applications, find their primary use in the mining industry. This dump truck tyre is specifically engineered to excel in the toughest mining environments, offering exceptional anti-wear performance, durability, and reliability.

With its strong strip and excellent anti-wear performance, the KT632 dump truck tire can withstand the demanding conditions encountered in mining operations. The non-directional tread pattern ensures consistent traction and maneuverability in various terrains, while the extra tough tread compound enhances durability and extends tire life.

The widebase sizes of the KT632 tire further contribute to its superior performance and stability, allowing for efficient load-bearing and improved handling of heavy loads common in mining applications.

The KT632 dump truck tire, manufactured by Double Coin & Kunlun, is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry. Its robust features, including the strong strip, anti-wear performance, non-directional tread pattern, tough tread compound, and widebase sizes, make it a reliable choice for ensuring superior traction, durability, and reliability in the harshest mining environments.

About Forlander Tires

Forlander is the leading OTR tire manufacturer and supplier with 30+ years industrial experiences. We wholesale OTR tires for worldwide customers with competitive factory price. Forlander OTR tires are widely used in the aggregate, mining, construction and agriculture industries. Our OTR tire categories include port tire, agricultural tire, forklift tyre, mining tire, earthmover tire and dump truck tire, etc. We also provides bias tire construction or radial tire construction options for your demands.

If you have any questions or inquires, please contact us, we will response as soon as possible.

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