The 5 Best Underground Mining Tyres Reviews

Underground mining tyres or mining tires are specifically engineered for use in underground mining operations, where the conditions can be challenging and demanding. These tires are a crucial component of mining equipment and are subjected to rocky debris, sharp-edged walls, high load capacities and heat. They are designed to excel in these conditions and offer excellent overall cost-effectiveness.

The primary objective of underground mining tires is to enhance productivity in critical construction applications. They provide enhanced damage protection and durability, while their multi-surface tread design ensures optimal control and grip on various terrains such as sand, rock, gravel and soil.

These tires features are radial carcass and utilize state-of-the-art compound that assures long life. They also provide equal load distribution for a comfortable ride and maintain low fuel consumption.

Forlander is the leading OTR tire manufacturer and supplier, we offers complete lines of mining tires for sale with custom sizes and specifications at competitive factory price. Forlander KT100 L5S series underground mining tires are specifically designed for loader applications. They offer the best solutions for open pits, quarries, underground mines, waste and recycling operations, as well as severe construction applications. These tires are engineered to meet the specific demands of these environment, delivering reliable performance and durability.

1. What Are Underground Mining Tyres

Underground mining tyres are specifically designed tires used in underground mining operations. They are engineered to withstand the demanding and harsh conditions encountered in mines. These tires are mainly utilized on heavy-duty mining vehicles like haul trucks, loaders, and underground mining equipment.

Constructed using robust materials and reinforced sidewalls, underground mining tires are built to withstand punctures, cuts, and abrasions caused by rough terrain, rocks, and debris commonly found in mining environments. They are designed to offer exceptional traction and stability on uneven surfaces while enduring the heavy loads and constant movement associated with mining operations.

The importance of underground mining tyres cannot be overstated. They are crucial for enhancing the efficiency and safety of mining operations. These specialized tires are specifically designed to operate effectively in challenging and harsh underground conditions, including rough terrains, rocks, and various mining debris. Their durability, traction, and resistance to damage contribute significantly to the overall productivity and performance of mining vehicles and equipment in underground mining environments.

5 Best Underground Mining Tyres Reviews

2. What Are Consecrations When Choosing Best Underground Mining Tyres

When choosing the best underground mining tires, the following factors should be considered.

2.1 Tire Pattern

The tire pattern plays a crucial role in traction and stability. Different tread patterns are designed for specific terrains and conditions. It’s important to select a tire pattern that suits the underground mining environment and provides optimal grip and self-cleaning properties.

2.2 Performance

Consider the performance characteristics of the tires, such as load-carrying capacity, speed rating, and resistance to cuts, punctures, and abrasions. The tires should be able to withstand the demanding conditions of underground mining operations and deliver reliable performance.

2.3 Mining Tire Application

Understand the specific requirements of the mining operation. Factors such as the type of mining equipment, operating conditions, and the nature of the terrain should be considered. Different applications may require different tire specifications, such as size, load rating, and sidewall protection.

2.4 Tire Manufacturer Reputations

Consider the reputation and track record of the tire manufacturers. Look for manufacturers with a history of producing high-quality tires that are known for their durability, performance, and reliability. It’s advisable to choose reputable manufacturers that have experience and expertise in manufacturing tires for underground mining applications. Forlander is the mining tire manufacturer and supplier with 40+ years of experiences.

3. What Are Underground Mining Tires Filled With?

Mining truck tires are often filled with a specialized foam material known as polyurethane foam. This foam filling process involves injecting the foam into the tire cavity, replacing the air inside. The foam material used is typically a two-component polyurethane foam that expands and solidifies, providing support and stability to the tire.

Foam filling offers several advantages for mining trucks operating in demanding environments. The foam-filled tires provide increased puncture resistance, as the foam material helps to prevent sharp objects from penetrating the tire. This reduces the risk of tire damage and blowouts, enhancing safety and reducing downtime.

Additionally, foam-filled tires offer improved load-carrying capacity by reducing sidewall flexing and increasing stability. This allows mining trucks to handle heavy loads more effectively and maintain better control on uneven terrain.

The foam filling process also helps to dampen vibrations and reduce the risk of tire flats. The foam material acts as a shock absorber, providing a smoother ride and reducing the impact on the tire.

While foam-filled tires offer excellent reliability and durability, it is worth noting that they can be more expensive compared to standard air-filled tires. However, the benefits of increased reliability and reduced downtime in mining operations often justify the higher cost for mining truck operators.

4. The 5 Best Underground Mining Tyres Reviews

When reviewing the best underground mining tires, we consider factors such as tire pattern, performance characteristics, application requirements, and the reputation of the tire manufacturer. Followed are some reputable mining tyre brands that were well-regarded.

  • Michelin Tire (France)
  • Bridgestone Tire (Japan)
  • GoodYear Tire (United States)
  • Nokian Tire (Finland
  • Forlander Tire (China)
Michelin Underground Mining Tires XTXL

4.1 Michelin Mining Tire XTXL Review

Michelin XTXL mining tires  are designed to give the highest levels of reliability focusing on safety and performance. Our expert knowledge and experience combined with our simulation and analysis tools and our excellent support services help you to make best use of your tires to improve your productivity.

These tires have proven to be a game-changer in terms of performance and durability. One of the standout features of Michelin mining tires is their ability to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether it’s rocky terrains, muddy surfaces, or extreme temperatures, these tires have consistently delivered exceptional traction and stability.

There is a significant reduction in slippage and improved control, even in challenging environments. The durability of Michelin mining tires is truly impressive. They have shown remarkable resistance to cuts, punctures, and wear, which is crucial in our line of work.


Compared with underground tires with no cooling system, Michelin Mining Tires XTXL feature a cooling system and optimized design with a specialized compound, ensuring extended service life. With effective heat management and superior durability, these tires excel in demanding mining operations, reducing downtime and maintenance costs while enhancing overall productivity.


Compared with solid mining tires with higher thickness smooth tread, Michelin mining tires XTXL is not the ideal choice for limited and frequent turn aroung in extreme undergroung conditions.

Bridgestone VSN Underground Mining Tyres

4.2 Bridgestone VSN Underground Mining Tyres VSN Review

Bridgestone VSN underground mining tyres deliver a high level of stability & traction with superior cut resistance and durability while still conforming with site’s heat severe requirements. In continous change of social and economic trends, customers’ needs in mining operations also change a lot. The role of Bridgestone is to contribute to productivity improvement and cost optimization of each customer in accordance with cost effiecent changes.
These tires have some unique features in term of quality which was explained below series wise.

Performance: They are often praised for their excellent performance on both wet and dry surfaces. They offer good traction, stability, and responsive handling, providing a confident driving experience.

Durability: Many users report that Bridgestone tires are duable and have a long lifespan, there tires are resistant to wear and tear. They effectively absorb road vibrations and minimize noise.

Fuel Efficiency: They are designed to reduce rolling resistance, which can help improve fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions.

Safety: They offer reliable braking performance, good grip on various road surfaces, and effective handling in different weather conditions, enhancing overall driving safety.

Bridgestone tires offers extra-heavy duty loader performance with excellent traction, cut resistance and long tread life. Design ensures equal load distribution and even contact for rider comfort and enhance overall productivity.
Bridgestone huge customer base thinks about them that Bridgestone tires are durable but quite noisy due to stiffness. However, depending on the user’s experience, they may find Bridgestone tires good or not, or suitable for their daily journey.

Goodyear GP-4D Underground Mining Tyres

4.3 Goodyear GP-4D Mining Tire Review

Goodyear retreads deliver like-new performance and can provide a savings of up to 60% versus a new tire. Retreads can extend the life of a tire and promote sustainability by helping to reduce unnecessary waste.
Goodyear’s tire GP-4D for long hours to removal and cut protection in hard rock underfoot conditions. Specialized Mining Tyres, technologies, construction and more help lower operating costs. Goodyear offers products, services and solutions to minimize costs, and stay productive so you can achieve desried perfromance.


Goodyear’s tire for long hours to removal and cut protection in hard rock underfoot. Also the tire has double the tread life, and so on. And most important advantage of this tire is the ability to run at high speeds, and all tires sold in the world market have best quality ratings.


These tires are not suitable in all conditions. For some condidtions are fine, except dry pavement. Although good for dry traction, but wet traction does not exist for these tires. It takes everything keep truck on the road in any wet condition.

4.4 Nokian Mining Tire King E-4 Review

Nokian Mining is a reputable tire manufacturer known for producing tires specifically designed for mining operations. Their mining tires are engineered for demanding conditions, such as rough terrains, heavy loads, and extreme temperatures.
Nokian Mining tires King E-4 is generally high in demand due to their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They are designed to provide excellent traction and stability, allowing mining vehicles to operate efficiently and safely in challenging conditions. The tires are also known for their puncture resistance and long lifespan, which can contribute to cost savings for mining companies.


The choice of drill rig tires plays an important role in getting the most out of your rig and maximizing productivity. To keep the cost per meter as low as possible, downtime of the machines must be kept to a minimum.


Typically, a drill rig does not cover that much mileage during its operating life, but its tires still face many challenges. Puncture risk from sharp rocks, drill cuttings, wet and slippery stones. Mining and tunneling work in such demanding conditions require mining tires designed specifically for its challenges. This is what Nokian Tyres is specialized in making your every workday safer and more efficient.

F588 L5S Underground Mining Tires

4.5 Forlander Undergound Mining Tire Review

Underground mining tires are specially designed for mining undergroung operations. These tires are engineered to operate in the rough conditions and challenges which are occuring due to natural environment. Underground mining involves extracting valuable minerals or other geological materials from below surface of earth.
Forlander is one of the main tire manufacturer and supplier from leading tire companies, and they are producing high qaulity mining tires which are specifically designed for harsh underground mining operations.
They are selling various mining tire sizes including 10.00-20, 12.00-24, 14.00-24, 17.50-25, 18.00-25, and 26.50-25, providing options to meet the specific requirements of different underground mining equipment.
Forlander’s KT100S L-5S mining tire and F62 E3/L3A Underground mining tires are engineered for Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) or heavy loaders operating under challenging conditions in construction and mining applications. These tires are constructed with a bias-ply design, premium quality tread and sidewall rubber compounds. These materials provide maximum resistance to rock cutting, penetrations, and tearing making them an excellent choice for heavy-duty underground mining operations.


This underground mining tyres are specialized design provides exceptional puncture resistance and a strong bearing capacity, significantly enhancing durability against cuts, punctures, and chipping caused by sharp rocks which commonly found in mining areas.
This tire usage is well in the challenging mine construction environment due to its outclass traction capability. This feature not only increase the workability and lifetime of the OTR tire but also minimizes tread damage, which ensured optimal performance and durability which ultimately contributing to enhance your productivity and minimze maintenance costs in your mining operations.


Forlander tires provide less shock absorption causing discomfort and fatigue during long periods of working, Which can impact operator comfort. This reduced chances of suitablitiy of tire and cannot be considered much good choice for limited and frequent turn around in extreme undergroung conditions.

5. Conclusion

The selection of best mining tire manufacturer is a critical decision for any mining operation. Because safety of your staff, efficiency of vehicles and work progress completely depend on tires. Although mining tires are not only rubber and tread, they have to cope up with extreme conditions, carry heavy loads, and ensure the overall safety, and choosing the right manufacturer have a vital impact on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of mining operations.
Selecting the right mining tires involves careful consideration of various factors, including tire size, tread pattern, load-carrying capacity, and resistance to punctures. Also some other factors needs to be checked which can encounter the extreme conditions, supports heavy machinery, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
The mining tire industry continues to evolve with advancements in technology. New materials, tread designs, and construction methods have improved the performance and longevity of mining tires.
So it is utmost important to stay updated with world high quality mines tire manufacturers who used modern and recent advance technology and production methods to produce tires by using all important factors which helps in mining smooth operations. In this article we tried to summarize some of the leading manufacturers details. 

Any questions,  please contact us.

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