KT698 Mine Truck Tyres

KT698 Mine Truck Tyres For Sale At Great Price

  • Strong strip, excellent anti-wear performance
  • Deep tread depth provides extended tread life
  • Newest tread rubber compound longer service life
  • Stronger cables and architecture increase load carrying capacity
  • OEM/ODM are available

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Mine truck tires, also known as mining truck tires, are essential for ensuring efficient and safe mining operations. Mining truck tyres are specifically engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of mining environments, including rough terrains, heavy loads, and abrasive surfaces.
As the OTR tire manufacturer and supplier, Forlander offers a range of mine truck tires in different sizes and types at great price to suit various mining equipment such as haul trucks, loaders, and articulated dump trucks. Forlander mine truck tires provide the excellent productivity and reliability of mining equipment.

1.What Are Mine Truck Tyres?

Mine truck tires are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of mining operations. These tires are engineered to handle the harsh conditions encountered in mining environment.
Mine truck tires feature a robust construction with reinforced sidewalls and specialized compounds that enhance their durability and resistance to punctures, cuts, and other forms of damage. The tread patterns of these tires are designed for optimal traction and grip on different types of surfaces encountered in mining, ranging from smooth haul roads to rough and rocky terrains.
Versatility is a key characteristic of mine truck tires, allowing them to adapt to various applications within a mining operation. They are suitable for use on haul trucks, loaders, articulated dump trucks, and other mining equipment involved in material transportation.
The primary goals of mine truck tires are to ensure maximum productivity, minimize downtime, and enhance safety in mining operations. By providing reliable traction, load-carrying capacity, and resistance to wear and tear, these tires contribute to the overall efficiency and profitability of mining operations.

2. Technical Data of KT698 Mine Truck Tyres

Tire SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)RimInflation pressure(kpa)Load Capacity(kg)
14.00-20  ★  20++PR2510.0 7007500

3. What Are Advantages of KT698 Mine Truck Tyres?

KT698 mine truck tires offer several advantages that make them suitable for heavy-duty mining operations:

3.1 Improved Anti-Wear Performance

KT698 tires are equipped with the newest tread rubber compound available, offering improved wear resistance. This helps extend the tire’s lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and lowering overall operating costs.

The strong strip construction of KT698 tires provides excellent anti-wear performance, allowing them to withstand the harsh conditions of mining environments and resist wear over time.

3.2 Extended Tread Life

The non-directional deep tread depth of KT698 tires contributes to an extended tread life. This means the tires can operate for longer periods before needing replacement, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

3.3 Excellent Cut Resistance

The deep tread design of KT698 tires enhances their cut resistance, making them more resistant to damage from sharp rocks and other abrasive elements commonly found in mining environments.

3.4 Stability and Ride Comfort

The solid tread pattern of KT698 tires ensures a stable and smooth ride, enhancing operator comfort and reducing fatigue. Additionally, this pattern provides additional resistance to rock-type damage, further increasing the tire’s durability.

3.5 High Load-Carrying Capacity

The stronger cables and architecture of KT698 tires increase their load-carrying capacity. This means they can handle heavier loads, allowing for more efficient material transportation in mining operations.

With excellent anti-wear performance, extended tread life, and resistance to cuts and damage, KT698 mine truck tires are designed to provide extra-heavy-duty mining performance, ensuring reliable and efficient operations in demanding mining environments.

4. How Much Do Mine Truck Tires Cost?

The average cost of a Forlander KT7698 14.00-20 mine truck tire is approximately $200. Generally, each mining truck requires six tires, the cost for one mine truck with these tires would be around $1200.

It’s essential to consider that this estimate only covers the cost of the tires themselves and does not include additional expenses such as delivery, installation, balancing, or any applicable taxes or fees.

5. What Is Mine Truck Tire filled With?

Mine truck tires are frequently filled with nitrogen, which significantly reduces the risk of underground tire fires. Nitrogen inflation offers enhanced safety by minimizing flammable conditions. It also helps maintain consistent tire pressure, improving tire life and reducing maintenance needs. This practice is widely adopted in the mining industry to mitigate tire-related incidents.

Mine truck tires is filled with nitrogen instead of regular air to address specific safety concerns associated with underground operations. Nitrogen inflation offers several advantages that contribute to enhanced safety measures.

One significant benefit of filling mine truck tires with nitrogen is the reduction in the risk of underground tire fires. Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not support combustion, making it less flammable compared to regular air. By minimizing the presence of oxygen within the tire, which can fuel fires, the risk of tire-related incidents, particularly underground fires, is significantly reduced.

In addition to improved safety, nitrogen inflation helps maintain consistent tire pressure over extended periods. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, resulting in reduced permeability through the tire’s rubber. This leads to slower pressure loss and helps maintain optimal tire pressure for longer durations. By keeping tires properly inflated, the risk of tire failures, blowouts, and potential accidents is minimized.

Nitrogen inflation can contribute to improved tire life and reduced maintenance needs. The consistent pressure provided by nitrogen helps optimize tire performance, leading to extended tread life and enhanced durability. This reduces the frequency of tire replacements and lowers maintenance costs for mining operations.

6. Forlander KT698 Mine Truck Tires Applications

The Forlander KT698 mine truck tires are well-suited for various applications in mining, including copper, iron, gold, and coal mines, as well as construction sites and material yards. These tires are specifically designed to provide additional protection against tire wear, cuts, and punctures.

With their durability and resistance to damage, the KT698 tires are capable of handling the demanding conditions found in these environments, ensuring reliable performance and increased productivity for mining trucks operating in these industries.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for mine truck tires, it is recommended to reach out to tire suppliers, manufacturers, local distributors or mine truck tires near me who can provide specific quotes based on your requirements and location.

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