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  • Strong strip exhibits excellent anti-wear performance
  • Extra deep tread offers enhanced cut and impact resistance
  • Deep lug design provides exceptional traction
  • OEM/ODM are available
  • Competitive factory price


Mining equipment tires, also known as mining tyres, play a crucial role in the mining industry including underground and surface mining operations. KT62 L3 E3 mining equipment tires are specially designed and engineered for surface road applications in ports, quarries and mines.
Forlander is the leading OTR tyre manufacturer and supplier, we wholesale OTR tires including mining tires with custom size and specifications at great factory price. Our KT62 L-3 E-3 mining equipment tires are engineered for supporting heavy loads, providing traction, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of mining operations. These tires are also specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of mining environments, including rough terrain, abrasive surfaces, and heavy loads.

1. What Are Mining Equipment Tires?

Mining equipment tires are highly specialized tires specifically designed for heavy-duty vehicles and machinery used in mining operations. Mining tires play a important role in the performance, safety, and productivity of various mining equipment, including haul trucks, loaders, bulldozers, and graders, which are vital for extracting and transporting minerals and materials.

Common characteristics of mining equipment tires include their large size, heavy-duty construction, and specialized rubber compounds. The reinforced construction enhances their durability, allowing them to withstand the harsh conditions of mining sites. The specialized rubber compounds provide resistance to cuts, punctures, and wear, ensuring reliable performance and extended tire life.

Common types of mining equipment tires encompass haul truck tires, loader tires, bulldozer tires, and grader tires. These tires are specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of the mining industry.

Haul truck tires are designed to bear immense loads and provide stability even on rough terrains. Loader tires are engineered to withstand heavy loads and offer excellent traction for efficient material handling. Bulldozer tires are constructed to deliver superior pushing power and maneuverability, making them ideal for clearing and leveling tasks. Grader tires are designed to provide precise control and traction for accurate grading and leveling operations.
Forlander, a renowned manufacturer, offers a wide range of mining equipment tires tailored to the unique requirements of mining applications. These tires are meticulously designed with special tread compounds and patterns that ensure optimal traction, durability, and resistance to abrasion and cuts commonly encountered in mining environments.
Forlander KT62 L3 E3 mining equipment tires are essential components that enable safe and efficient mining operations by providing the necessary traction, stability, and durability needed to handle the demanding challenges of the mining industry.

2. Technical Data of KT62 L3 E3 Mining Equipment Tires 

Tire SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)RimInflation pressure(KPa)Load Capacity(kg)
21.00-2540PR43.515.00/3.0    1000  20600
18.00-2544PR3513.00/2.51260    24300
Tire SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)RimInflation pressure(kpa)Load Capacity(kg)
20.5/70-16 KT60214PR18.58.5350/4501995/3000

3. How To Choose Right Mining Equipment Tires for Surface mining operations?

3.1 Terrain and Application

Surface mining operations are rugged and tough on equipment. The specific characteristics of the mining terrain, including its rockiness, muddiness, or sandiness will help determine the required tire tread pattern, depth, and compound.
Applications for haul truck tires, loader tires, bulldozer tires, and grader tires are common in the mining industry. Each type is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of mining operations, ensuring durability and performance in challenging conditions.

3.2 Load Capacity

Determine the maximum load that the tires will need to support. Choose tires with a load capacity that exceeds the heaviest loads your equipment will carry for surface mining conditions.

3.3 Tire Size

Ensure that the tire size matches the specifications based on the specific requirements of your mining equipment. The right size contributes to stability and efficiency.

3.4 Tread Pattern Design

Tread pattern should matches the terrain conditions of your mining site. Different tread designs are suitable for various surfaces, such as rock, gravel, mud, or hard-packed surfaces. Deep treads are suitable for off-road conditions, while smoother treads may be preferable for haulage on improved surfaces.

3.5 Vehicle Compatibility and Speed Rating

Ensure that the selected tires are compatible with the specific mining vehicles and speed rating in use. Different types of equipment may require different tire specifications. Consider the speed capabilities of the tires. Ensure the mining equipment tires can handle the speeds your mining equipment.

3.6 Tire Compound Composition

The rubber compound affects tire durability and performance. Some compounds are designed for better wear resistance, cuts, and puncture while others offer improved traction. Some tires are designed for high-speed haulage, while others prioritize longevity and resistance to abrasion.

3.7 Brand and Quality

Choose trusted mining tire brands including Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Forlander, Double Coin who producing high-quality, durable tires. Quality tires may initially be more expensive, but they often provide better performance and a longer lifespan, resulting in cost savings over time.

4. How Many Years Should Mining Equipment Tyres Last?

The lifespan of mining equipment tires can vary, but typically manufacturers recommend a tire life cycle of around 1 year. Mining equipment tire warranties expire at one year, and replacement is often recommended at that point, regardless of tread depth. 

The actual lifespan of mining equipment tires depends on factors such as tire quality, application, and the distance the tires are run. Regular maintenance and adherence to manufacturer recommendations are important for maximizing tire performance and safety. 

5. What Are Mining Equipment Tyres Appplications?

The KT62 L3 E3 mining equipment tires are specifically designed for surface road surfaces in mining, construction, and material yards. These tires are suitable for a variety of equipment, including wheel loaders, cranes, vibrating road rollers, pavers, loaders, and transport vehicles. They provide optimal traction and performance in challenging conditions, making them a reliable choice for a range of applications in the mining and construction industries.

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