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  • Unique pattern design
  • Excellent performance of resistance to pricking
  • Strong tyre structure
  • Suitable for mine, work site and gravel pavement.

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Forlander KT599/599A mining dump truck tires are specifically engineered to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions. These tires are designed to provide exceptional toughness and durability, making them suitable for the most challenging surface environments.

With Forlander KT599/599Amining dump truck tires, you can expect maximum durability, reducing downtime in mining operations. These  mining tyres are built to handle wear and tear caused by heavy loads, ensuring reliable performance in demanding mining applications. Trust Forlander’s mining dump truck tires to deliver the strength and resilience necessary to tackle extreme conditions and optimize productivity in mining operations.

1. What Are Mining Dump Truck Tires?

Mining dump truck tires are specifically designed for quarry and mining applications, offering exceptional performance in demanding environments. These tires feature a deep radial tread pattern that provides maximum traction on rocky, gravel, and packed earth surfaces. The deep tread design ensures excellent wear performance and durability, allowing for extended tire life even under harsh conditions.

Constructed using high-quality compounds, mining dump truck tires are highly resistant to cuts and chips. They are engineered to withstand the abrasive nature of mining operations, preventing rock damage and offering superior durability. By minimizing tire damage, these tires contribute to cost-effectiveness by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

In addition to their robust construction, mining dump truck tires prioritize operator safety. The exceptional traction and stability provided by these tires enhance the overall safety of mining dump trucks, reducing the risk of accidents and improving operational efficiency.

With their deep tread, resistance to damage, long tire life, and focus on safety, mining dump truck tires offer a reliable solution for heavy-duty mining operations. They are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions, ensuring optimal performance and productivity while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Choose mining dump truck tires from Forlander to experience the benefits of their high-quality construction and advanced features. These tires are engineered to meet the specific demands of the mining industry, providing a reliable and efficient solution for hauling heavy loads in challenging terrain.

2. Technical Data of KT599/599A Mining Dump Truck Tires

Tire SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)RimInflation pressure(kpa)Load Capacity(kg)

3. What Are Forlander KT599/599A Mining Dump Truck Tires?

Forlander KT599/599A mining dump truck tires are specifically engineered to deliver outstanding stability, traction, cut resistance, and durability, while meeting the rigorous demands of mining sites. These tires are designed with a range of technical features that cater to underground mining applications.

Featuring a deep tread bias design, the KT599/599A mining dump truck tires are suitable for a wide range of haulage trucks. Certain sizes within this tire range are specifically optimized to withstand heavy loads and the high temperatures commonly encountered in slab and slag carriers. This ensures reliable performance and longevity in the challenging conditions of mining environments.

Beyond mining operations, the KT599/599A mining dump truck tires are also well-suited for various industrial applications. Their robust construction and advanced features enable them to adapt to different working conditions beyond the mining sector, offering versatility and reliability.

With their deep tread bias design, Forlander’s KT599/599A mining dump truck tires provide exceptional traction, ensuring superior grip on diverse surfaces. This enhances stability and control during hauling operations, contributing to increased productivity and safety on the job.

Forlander offers a wide range of sizes and types of mining dump truck tires to cater to different equipment in mines, including haul trucks, loaders, and articulated dump trucks. Our OEM/ODM options include popular sizes like 13.00-25, 14.00-24, 14.00-25, and more, providing a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs. Trust Forlander for reliable, high-quality mining dump truck tires that optimize performance and efficiency in your mining operations.

4. What Are Advantages of KT599/599A Mining Dump Truck Tires 

The KT599/599A mining dump truck tires have several important features that contribute to their exceptional performance in demanding mining environments. These features include a unique pattern design, an extra deep tread design, excellent resistance to impacts and cuts, and a strong tire structure.

4.1 Unique Pattern Design

The unique pattern design of the KT599/599A dump truck tires is specifically engineered to optimize traction and stability. This design allows for efficient movement on various terrains encountered in mining operations, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.

4.2 Extra Deep Tread Design

The extra deep tread design of these timining dump truck tyres provides several benefits. Firstly, it enhances the tire’s resistance to impacts and cuts, reducing the risk of damage caused by sharp rocks, debris, or other hazards typically found in mining areas. This helps to extend the tire’s service life and minimize downtime for maintenance and replacements.

4.3 Excellent Pricking Resistance

KT599/599A mining dump truck tires exhibit excellent resistance to pricking, further enhancing their durability and reliability. This feature is crucial in mining environments where punctures and sharp objects are common risks. The tires’ resistance to pricking ensures a longer lifespan and reduces the likelihood of unexpected tire failures.

4.4 Strong Tyre Structure

The strong tire structure of the KT599/599A mining dump truck tyres enhances their overall performance and durability. This robust construction enables the tires to withstand heavy loads, rough terrain, and the demanding conditions encountered in mining operations.

5. What Are  KT599/599A Mining Dump Truck Tyres Used For?

KT599/599A mining dump truck tyres are suitable for mining, construction, quarry, Mining, underground work site and gravel pavement, and more.

When selecting Forlander KT599/599A mining dump truck tyres, you can get a range of benefits that enhance the performance of your mining operations. These tires offer exceptional traction, an extended lifespan, and minimized tread damage, resulting in improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

6. About Forlander Tires

Forlander is the leading OTR tire manufacturer and supplier with 30+ years industrial experiences. We wholesale OTR tires for worldwide customers with competitive factory price. Forlander OTR tires are widely used in the aggregate, mining, construction and agriculture industries. Our OTR tire categories include port tire, agricultural tire, forklift tyre, mining tire, earthmover tire and dump truck tire, etc. We also provides bias tire construction or radial tire construction options for your demands.

If you have any questions or inquires, please contact us, we will response as soon as possible.

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