KT179 650 65 R38 Tyres For Sale

KT179 650 65 R38 Tyres For Sale

  • Novel Pattern Design and Rubber Compound
  • Special designed lug angle provides great traction
  • New construction sidewall for performance
  • Rugged carcass design for durability
  • OEM/ODM Availability
  • Best Factory Price

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KT179 650/65R38 tractor tires are specifically designed and engineered for low-speed, short-distance operations across various soil conditions and terrains. These agricultural tires provide optimal performance and traction for farm equipment.

As a trusted manufacturer and supplier of tractor tires, Forlander offers a wide range of ODM/OEM options. Our tractor tires come in different sizes, tread patterns, and load capacities to cater to the specific and varied needs of farmers and their equipment. Whether it’s for plowing, harvesting, or general farm use, Forlander strives to provide reliable and high-quality tractor tires that meet the demands of modern agricultural practices.

1. What Are 650 65 R38 Tyres?

The “650/65R38” tire size designation provides specific information about the tire’s dimensions and construction. The numbers in the designation have individual meanings: “650” represents the tire width in millimeters, “65” indicates the aspect ratio, which is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width, “R” signifies radial construction, and “38” denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches that the tire is designed to fit.

The 650 65 R38 tyres are equipped with a novel pattern design and rubber compound that deliver superior performance, puncture resistance, and wear resistance. This combination enhances the tire’s overall durability and lifespan, making it suitable for demanding agricultural applications.

650 65 R38 tyres are designed with outstanding sidewall flexibility, which significantly improves operator comfort. The flexible sidewalls effectively absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother ride and reducing fatigue for the operator.

The 650 65 R38 tyres provide a combination of novel pattern design, durable rubber compound, outstanding sidewall flexibility, increased load capacity, and adjustable pressure requirements. These features contribute to enhanced performance, operator comfort, and versatility for agricultural applications. It’s advisable to consult the tire manufacturer or trusted experts for specific details, as tire models and features may vary among manufacturers.

2. What Are Forlander KT179 Tractor Tyres For Sale?

Forlander KT179 tractor tires, designed and engineered by Forlander Tire, are specifically created for low-speed, short-distance agricultural operations and are also suitable for road transport. These tires are available for sale and offer various advantages for agricultural applications.

Forlander KT179 tractor tires provide a 20% higher load capacity compared to standard bias tires when operated at the same pressure. This means that they can carry heavier loads without compromising performance or safety, making them suitable for demanding agricultural tasks.

These tractor tyres can operate with 20% less pressure while maintaining the same load capacity as standard bias tires. This feature is beneficial in minimizing soil compaction and reducing the impact on fields, particularly in delicate or soft soil conditions. By distributing the weight more effectively, Forlander KT179 tires help preserve soil health and minimize potential damage to crops or fields.

The lug angle of these tires is designed to provide excellent traction and efficient self-cleaning, ensuring optimal grip on various terrains. They offer great flotation and a smooth ride, contributing to operator comfort and reducing fatigue during agricultural operations.

The wide base and wider section width of Forlander KT179 tires allow for higher loads, further enhancing their versatility and suitability for agricultural tasks that require heavy-duty capabilities.

Forlander KT179 tractor tyres mainly include 65/65R38, 480/70R34, 480/70R38, 480 80R50, 480/80R50 tractor tyre, OEM/ODM are available.

3. Technical Data Of KT179 650 65 R38 Tyres For Sale

Tire SizeTread Depth(mm)RimLoad Capacity/kgInflation pressure/kpa

4. What Are Advantages of KT179 650 65 R38 Tyres For Sale

The KT179 650/65 R38 tires offer several advantages for agricultural applications. These advantages include:

4.1 Novel Pattern Design and Rubber Compound

The tires feature a unique pattern design and rubber compound that contribute to improved performance, puncture resistance, and wear resistance. This combination enhances the durability and lifespan of the tires, making them suitable for demanding agricultural environments.

4.2 Special Designed Lug Angle

The lug angle of the tires is specifically designed to provide excellent traction and efficient self-cleaning. This ensures optimal grip on various terrains, including muddy or uneven surfaces, while preventing the buildup of mud, debris, or other materials that could hinder performance.

4.3 Sidewall Construction

The tires incorporate a new construction in the sidewall, which enhances traction performance. This design feature allows for better stability and control during operation, contributing to improved overall performance in the field.

4.4 Rugged Carcass Design

The KT179 tires are built with a rugged carcass design, ensuring durability and resistance to impacts and cuts. This robust construction is particularly important in agricultural applications where the tires may encounter rough terrains, obstacles, or sharp objects.

4.5 Dependable Quality

The tires are manufactured to meet high-quality standards, ensuring their reliability and performance. Dependable quality means that you can trust the tires to withstand the demands of agricultural work, providing consistent and reliable performance over time.

4.6 OEM/ODM Availability

The KT179 tires are available for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) purposes. This means that they can be customized or adapted to meet specific equipment requirements, providing flexibility for different agricultural machinery.

KT179 650/65 R38 tires offer improved performance, durability, and traction for agricultural applications. Their unique design features, dependable quality, and availability for customization make them a suitable choice for farmers and agricultural professionals seeking reliable tires for their equipment.

5. What Is The Most Common Tractor Tire?

The most common tractor tire for high horsepower tractors is the R-1 tread. It is widely used in various agricultural applications, including combines, sprayers, large grain carts, and other implements that carry heavy loads. The R-1 tire is specifically designed for general farm use and is known for providing excellent traction under average soil conditions.

Due to its versatility and reliability, the R-1 tread has become a popular choice among farmers and operators. It offers the necessary grip and traction to navigate through fields, ensuring efficient performance and productivity. This tire type is designed with deep, aggressive lugs that can bite into the soil, providing enhanced traction and preventing slippage.

The R-1 tread pattern is characterized by its self-cleaning properties, which help to prevent mud and debris buildup. This is particularly important when working in wet or muddy conditions, as it ensures continuous traction and minimizes the risk of getting stuck.

With its widespread use and proven performance, the R-1 tread has established itself as a reliable and commonly chosen tire for high-powered tractors in agricultural settings. However, it’s worth noting that tire preferences can vary based on specific farming practices, soil conditions, and individual needs. Therefore, it’s always advisable to consult with tire manufacturers, dealers, or industry experts to determine the most suitable tire for your specific requirements.

6. How Long Do Tractor Tires Last?

The lifespan of tractor tires can vary depending on several factors. Here are some key considerations that influence the longevity of tractor tires:

6.1 Usage Frequency

The frequency of use plays a significant role in determining tire lifespan. Tires that are used more frequently or continuously endure greater wear and tear, reducing their overall lifespan.

6.2 Operating Conditions

The type of terrain and conditions in which the tractor operates greatly impact tire longevity. For example, tires used on rough, rocky, or abrasive surfaces may wear out more quickly compared to those used on softer or smoother terrains.

6.3 Load Capacity

The weight and load carried by the tractor also affect tire life. Tires that consistently bear heavy loads or operate near their maximum load capacity may experience accelerated wear and reduced lifespan.

6.4 Maintenance and Care

Proper tire maintenance and care can significantly extend their lifespan. Regular inspections, maintaining the recommended tire pressure, and promptly addressing any damage or issues can help preserve the tires and maximize their longevity.

6.5 Tire Quality

The quality of the tires themselves also plays a role in their lifespan. High-quality tires made from durable materials and designed for specific applications tend to last longer compared to lower-quality or generic tires.

The average lifespan of tractor tires typically ranges from two to eight years. However, it’s important to note that this is a general estimate, and individual tire life can vary significantly based on the specific conditions and usage patterns.

Regular monitoring, proper maintenance, and timely replacement of worn-out or damaged tires are essential steps to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity of tractor tires. Consulting with tire manufacturers or industry experts can provide more specific guidance based on your tractor’s usage and operating conditions.

About Forlander Tires

Forlander is the leading OTR tire manufacturer and supplier with 30+ years industrial experiences. We wholesale OTR tires for worldwide customers with competitive factory price. Forlander OTR tire categories include port tire, agricultural tire, forklift tyre, mining tire, earthmover tire and dump truck tire, etc. We also provides bias tire construction or radial tire construction options for your demands.

If you have any questions or inquires, please contact us, we will response as soon as possible.

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